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What we don't do

We don't provide intellectual Off the Shelf solutions dished out in weighty paragraphs of impressive words on reams of paper, which are the stock-in-trade of Stress Management Consultants. We won't be wasting your time or money talking about Coping Strategies.

What we will do

We will come and talk to you and explain our flexible approach and how, by transforming stress, anxiety and energy loss into vitality, calm clear concentration and well being, we can contribute to improved productivity here and now. The result will be a more healthy and concentrated workforce, decreased levels of absenteeism and improved work quality.

We have discovered that true change begins with the individual.

The Common Issues

  1. Life is hell, I'm so stressed. What can I do?
  2. How can I prevent stress?
  3. When I'm negative I get stuck there. How do I escape this?
  4. I'm tired all the time these days. What should I do?
  5. I lose control when under pressure. Work is invading my home-life. How do I stop this?
  6. I suffer from terrible road rage. How can I enjoy driving again?
  7. Stress stops me getting enough sleep. What can be done?
  8. I spend so much time in my driving seat/office chair, my back hurts constantly.
  9. I used to have such good concentration but now it's terrible. What should I do?

Have you heard these complaints before?

33 million workdays a year were lost to stress in the U.K in 2001, compared to 18 million in 1995
(source: Health & Safety Commission survey 2002)

How do we help

At Total Motivation we believe that every individual possesses the complete ability to master himself or herself. What we do is, provide the techniques and skills that will enable the individual to access their innate abilities.

The number of new employees claiming to have been made ill by stress has nearly tripled since 1996 and is now 563,000
(source: Financial times Dec 2002)
There are an increasing number of individuals and organisations helping to try and reverse this trend.
The improvements they are making are not significantly changing this overall trend. So why is this?
On the one hand, the stressors we confront in our daily lives are increasing in number.
On the other hand, many of the ways of developing coping stratergies to deal with stress don't penetrate the heart of the problem, often ignoring the true internal mechanisms that prevent appropriate action.

The main system we use is a traditional eastern style of energy practise, called Chi-Kung. This approach has been proven to work for thousands of years and is widely employed by Japanese companies. The difference in our method of treating stress in the modern workplace is that we employ the experience of a qualified teacher who possesses more than thirty years of knowledge and practical experience of these methods as well as significant ability in their practical application in western business.

What is Chi-Kung?

Chi-kung is the art of developing vital energy particularly for health, vitality, and concentration. The benefits of using the methods of chi-kung from our system are that they are easy to pick up and will assist in transforming emotions, de-stress the body and bring the mind to calm and clarity, which will assist in optional functioning.


National Sales Manager - Baxter Health Care, Derbyshire. Sept. 2002.
The clients had been through nearly two days of sales meetings. They were tired, bored and certainly not looking forward to another three or more hours of being talked at. Yet, at the end of the day, there were comments such as, 'I feel relaxed and energised' - 'I feel awake and positive'- 'It was very interesting and enjoyable' - 'It was so practicle'. What a difference to the usual run of the mill Stress management Course.
In fact, the course was still being talked about many weeks later.
We shall be seeing more of Executive Stress in the near future.

What we won't do

We won't wrap people in cotton wool but give them the tools to develop and strengthen body and mind in order to master stress.

We don't try and introduce complex and difficult to understand methods that take years to perfect and benefit. The majority of those involved will feel the benefits during the first session which will develop at the appropriate time and level for the individual.

We are not rigid in our approach. We can adapt to existing organisational procedures but prefer to work within your own company culture and methods. We can be totally flexible in how we introduce our methods to employees. However, if your company culture is ripe for change in this rapidly changing work climate - we can help you with that too.

In 1995 the first major Stress Award was made to Mr John Walker. It made U.K. legal history when he was awarded £175,000 compensation with additions costs I excess of £250,000.

So what will the benefits be?

By using our approach to mastering stress, the benefits to individuals and the organisation will be:

  • The development of a 'culture of coping' with anything that the organisation encounters.
  • A significant improvement in the staffs' ability to operate at peak potential when under pressure.
  • To assist employees in avoiding the problems of exhaustion, depression, ill health, burnout and breakdown that are associated with excessive levels of long-term stress.
  • To assist in improving the quality of life and health of the employees.
  • Reduce staff turnover from stress related causes and the resultant re-training and its' attendant costs.
  • To help protect the organisation from costly litigation brought by employees.

If you wish to talk to us about you specific needs and how we might meet them, or further information on how we structure our courses, please write to us at:

Address 'Cartref'
Bryn Coch
Taffs Well
CF15 7QA
Training for field based Emloyees: C/O Mr Len. G. Sinclair
phone 029 20814166
for Office based Emloyees: C/O Mr Mark Pinches
or phone Mark on 02920 765744

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