Students' experience

Many students have come to practice Chi-Kung for a specific purpose, perhaps to empower their martial art, or to strengthen a poor quality of health, cure a disease, ease or eliminate some pain, others just to relax and relieve stress. Here are some of the benefits that some of the students of this Chi-Kung system have experienced over the years.

Warren Breem - University Student, Cardiff, South Wales.
A few years ago, I suffered from stress, depression. I sometimes lost two or three hours a day from blackouts. My energy was very low and I had little motivation to do anything at all. I was totally unable to study. My parents were very worried about my health and arrangements were being made for me to see a specialist.

Then I heard from a friend about Master Yeshe Gyatso and his clinic. I contacted him and made an appointment for some Tui-Na treatment. Although these treatments helped, the Master suggested I try his Chi-Kung system. I was very interested although my parents were not too happy about it due to their Catholic upbringing, especially my mother who did her utmost to dissuade me.
Nevertheless, I attended several workshops and practised diligently everyday. The results were astounding. The blackouts stopped, my depression lifted, my energy returned and my self-confidence was high. In fact, I had never felt so well. My mothers' attitude towards the Master completely changed. He was now the 'best thing since sliced' bread. She even consulted him about a few minor problems of her own.
Sifu Steve Jones - Wing Chun coach, Bridgend, South Wales.U.K.
I have been training in Wing Chun since 1985 under Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe and Grand Master Ip Chun (Son of Great Grand Master Yip Man, a teacher of Bruce Lee). Approximately three years ago, I began training in Chi-Kung under Sifu Yeshe Gyatso in order to develop relaxation and improve my health, but very quickly it had a profound effect on my Wing Chun. The first benefits were the increased relaxed state of body and mind. Wing Chun techniques depend on relaxation for speed, sensitivity and the ability to flow from one technique to another. My Chi-Kung training has enhanced this. My students have often remarked that they are unable to see my hands move!

I've also noticed the increase in chi flow. The first part of Sui Nim Tao, promotes this and the internal energy adds strength to the movements. Training in Eagle in the Nest, increases this even more.
An important 'side effect' is the Iron Shirt. Although I have not been trained to develop this, it still occurs to some extent. The results of this can be seen by the ability to break plastic chopsticks on the throat and the inability of students to hurt me even with quite hard strikes, often to their own arrangement.

Recently everyone has commented on my increased forward energy in Chi Sao. This is a conscious effort on my part as I have learned to direct chi with my mind using Sifu Yeshes' techniques. I am beginning to learn how the Ancient Masters must have honed their techniques with lightening speed and unimaginable power.
Mary Hillman - Social Worker, Cardiff.
In 1996 I went to my Doctor because I had a lot of pain in the right side of my mouth, which had been keeping me awake at night.

The Doctor said that it looked like a lesion and he was very concerned about it. He told me that he was going to refer me to a specialist just in case it was cancerous.

Naturally, I was very upset about it so I rang my Chi-Kung Master, Yeshe Gyatso. He was going to visit his mother who lives nearby so he said he would call in on his way back.
After examining my face he did some Chi-Kung Healing using his energy on certain points on my face. That same night I had no more pain and within a few days the lesion had gone and never returned. It was like a miracle!
Teresa Daniels - Transport Manager, Hilton - Derbyshire.
For many years I had heard about the healing effects of systems like Tai Chi and Chi-Kung but had never experienced it first hand. In the spring of 1999 I was suffering from a considerable pain in one of my fingers. I went to see my GP, who referred me to the hospital to see a specialist and have an X ray done. They found that the bone in the top of my finger was crumbling.
It was decided that I needed a bone graft operation to correct the problem.

A few weeks before the appointed day I was visited by Master Yeshe Gyatso whose' wife is a very close friend of mine and had heard of my problem. He asked to look at my finger, which he then proceeded to treat with his energy. I felt a lot of heat movement and tingling, not only in my finger but also throughout my hand and arm. It was very strange.

I thought very little about it until I was the pre-op examination. I told the specialist that the pain had ceased some time ago. He was very surprised. He was even more surprised when the X-ray results came back and the bone had ceased crumbling and seemed to be re-growing.
Needless to say, the operation was cancelled.
Jonathon Lee - Zoologist, Whitchurch, Cardiff.
Whilst studying for my degree I became ill. I felt empty of energy to the point that even the smallest task became difficult to accomplish. I went to my Doctor who diagnosed M.E. This was a disaster for me as I was in the final year of my degree seemingly without hope of completing it. I was deeply depressed and spent most of my time in bed.

One day, whilst shopping, I saw a poster advertising a course in Chi-Kung. It offered to increase my energy and improve my health. With nothing to lose I was willing to try anything.
After the first seminar, I felt full of energy for days. Then I went back to square one. But this inspired me to attend again, which I did for the remainder of the term. Not only did I manage to take my exams but I passed as well! At the time I had recovered much of my energy and with further practise I was able to recover from this very debilitating disease.
Stephen Self - Geologist, Penarth - Glamorgan.
During 1996 I, like many people was looking for something to help me deal with the stress of my work when I came across a poster advertising a Chi-Kung workshop. I was very interested because I had heard of the marvels of Chi in the past when I was studying Wu-Shu.

I found the practises taught by Sifu to be very calming and relaxing on body and mind but when the Master began talking about absorbing and sending chi, I became very skeptical. At the end of the seminar, I approached the Master and expressed my thoughts and feeling on the matter.
He smiled at me and put his hand on my shoulder. He breathed in gently and I immediately felt myself to shrink. Then as he breathed out I felt myself return to normal. He just smiled again and walked away. That was the beginning of my journey into Eagle in the Nest Chi-Kung one that is yet to be completed.
Marian Allcock - Retired, Ponthir - Caerleon, Monmouthshire.
During November 1997, after a very bad bout of Pleurisy, I was looking for some way to help myself back to health. I came across a poster in the window of our local store, advertising a course in The Ancient Chinese Way of Energy. It offered methods of improving health, strength and energy; all of which I needed now. What was even better was that all ages were welcome, fit or unfit! I just had to try it.

During the course I frequently became breathless and had to sit down. During one of the tea breaks, the Master called me over and told me to sit in a chair in front of him. He then proceeded to use his energy on certain points of my body. He also found what he called 'sick chi' and removed it. It lasted all of ten minutes. After that I felt great, the breathlessness had gone and my energy was so much better. I continued to attend the monthly sessions that year without any problems and even went overseas on holiday with my Doctors blessing.



Iron Shirt

This a technique of packing chi into the facia of body to such a degree that it protects it from being penetrate by martial art techniques and also some weapons.

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