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The Eagle is the most powerful of birds and in this system it represents our true condition. Why in the nest? Well the baby Eagle represents the student who has this tremendous potential but it has yet to manifest. Through the practise of this Chi-Kung, the student gradually realises their full potential and is equipped to overcome the obstacles of body speech and mind.
Symbolically, the Eagle leaves the nest and takes to the sky. Taking to the sky means to fully engage in the world with awareness and fearlessness.
Although there are many systems of Chi-Kung, most have come in to existence in response to the needs and circumstances of a time and place. Chi-Kung has never been something static and unchanging because change is the nature of existence. That, which does not change in order to answer the needs of the students, is soon rejected.
The various systems that have appeared in the west such as "Five Animal", "Eight Silk Brocade", "Wild Goose" etc. were developed in the east for a different people with a very different culture, diet, physique, life-style and environment.
In recognition of this, with the encouragement of one of my masters, Sifu Pak Hong Lam, I developed this system. From his teaching of the "Nine Circles" and The "Yin & Yang Secret Transmission" and my knowledge of movement, Chinese medical theory and meditation, I created this style in order to fulfil the needs of the western student.
First of all we need to differentiate between the soft Tai-Chi that is taught as a health exercise and the Tai-Chi Chuan, which is the martial art. The soft Tai-Chi forms that are taught in many classes have the function of clearing the blockages and restrictions of energy in the body to improve health and calm the mind. Therefore Tai-Chi is related to Chi-Kung because of this work with the vital energy.
The practise consists of performing many precise movements, in some styles, many as 150. Some, as few as 18. Generally students are taught a short form then a longer form. Many people, who are unused to exercise, or have health problems that affect their muscles and joints, are put off attempting this kind of practise.
Tai-Chi was formed from Chi-Kung. One can say that Chi-Kung is the mother of Tai-Chi as well as many martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Tai-Chi, as taught in the west gives only 10% of the benefit of our Chi-Kung system. Within the Eagle in the Nest system we have practise of movement, standing, sitting walking and even lying down. As with Tai-Chi, the function of the movements is to clear, the restrictions and blockages of energy in the body that cause imbalance of mind and body. But unlike the Tai-Chi, this is achieved through only 24 simple movements, which do not require us to be very fit or dextrous. Through the standing practises and breath control we actively strengthen our energy and increase the body's energy storage capacity. Through the mind practises we gain mastery over or body energy and emotions as well as developing calm, clarity and tranquillity.
All Chi-Kung masters agree that to truly practise Tai-Chi it is necessary to first develop the energy through Chi-Kung.
I put this system together with the help of my students so that it would be suitable for the young and old, fit or unfit and even physically and mentally challenged people. If you fit into any of the above categories, it is suitable for you.
This system is for people who really wish to put some energy into developing optimum mental and physical health. It is not for people who wish to occasionally do something different.
This style of practise is for turning Human Robots back into Human Beings.
In Chinese Medical Theory, which originated from Chi-Kung, all diseases are looked upon as various kinds of imbalance in the body and not as specific diseases. Chi-Kung theory does not differ in this respect and its techniques are there to redress imbalance in the body and strengthen the energy and mind. There have been many cases of people being cured through Chi-Kung throughout the world and many more people who although not cured, have lived very much longer than expected with an improved quality of life.
Unlike some so-called Masters, we do not promise to be able to cure all serious disease. Why? Because this would be a lie and mis-lead many trusting people, increasing their suffering with false promises.
Although, Chi-Kung uses skilful means from various spiritual paths to enhance the health and wellbeing of the individual, it is not a spiritual path but can be used to support any religious practice. Many of my students have rediscovered their spiritual faith through the practise of my system.
If your health is good and the pregnancy is proceeding normally, then practise at the foundation level will positively help. As the child develops it is advisable to receive advice on the most appropriate practises from an Instructor or Master. But when in doubt, consult your Doctor.
If the child has the wish to practise then he/she will gain the same benefits as adults. Generally, anyone who wishes to practise this system can do so, even those with mental health problems such as anxiety, paranoia, depression and phobias.
Within this style we have many practises that can be carried out in the seated and lying down positions. Especially, all of the mind practises and much of the energy work. As there are many different kinds of disability, it is advisable for the beginner to seek the advice of a Senior Instructor or Master so that the most appropriate exercise for the person are given.
There is no conflict at all. In fact, many of my students have found that my Chi-Kung system has enhanced their practise beyond their expectations.
Of course! Through the practise of Chi-Kung many athletes have better performance through improved breathing, increased focus, stronger energy and a reduced susceptibility to disease and injury.

You could say that it should be made compulsory!
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