Some results of research on the effects of "Eagle in the Nest Chi-Kung" practise

It is at nearly every seminar that some of the participants says: "Yes, I could feel the energy between my hands, I feel relaxed and quite well, but would it be possible to measure all this somehow, just to be sure?"

In order to answer the above question and show the results and benefits of the practise of this style of chi-kung, we contacted a great Czech Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist, Dr. Václav Krucký who by using PROGNOS 4, the newest generation EAV device available today, made a complete energy system diagnosis of one of our students. The first measurement reflects his normal state without regular practice, the second was taken after 14 days of intensive practice of Eagle in the Nest chi-kung.

Here are the results


This graph shows the energy balance in individual meridians and in all the meridians taken together. Looking from left to right there are these meridians: lungs (L), large intestine (LI), stomach (S), spleen (Sp), heart (H), small intestine (SI), urine bladder (B), kidneys (K), heart protector (P), triple burner (TH), gall bladder (GB) and liver (Liv). There are also two columns for each meridian, one for the right side (R) and one for the left side (L).

In the ideal state, the values should not oscillate much along an imaginary line. A significant dysfunction would be marked by values exceeding the two red lines (one at the top, one at the bottom), which is not this case. However, the graph shows a disharmony of the energy system when the values are spread all over the spectrum.


This graph is related to the previous graph and shows the energy volume in the meridians. In an ideal case, all the columns of the graph would be green, reaching between the two blue lines. In the case of this student, we can see that there is an energy deficit of over 40%, which is not ideal, but also not an unusual value amongst the general population.


This is the same graph as the first shown, detailing the energy balance in the meridians. But these measurements were taken after the student had done 14 days of intensive practise of the Eagle in the Nest chi-kung, the results of which are obviously very different. Here the energy balance curve is very close to an ideal case. Also the student said he was feeling far better.


The last graph also speaks for itself. Where there was more than a 40% energy deficit before practise, now, all the meridians are almost completely full. A little excess of 2% is also within normal perameters and is shown as a small excess in left lung and gall bladder meridians. This is however, compensated by their strong right meridians.

From the figures above, it is obvious how beneficial the Eagle in the Nest chi-kung practice is for the human energy system in terms balance and life force.

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