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Here you can get information on Chi-Kung in general, on specifics of the Eagle in the Nest style of Chi-Kung, learn about the Master Yeshe Gyatso or ask questions concerning Chi-Kung (i.e. energy work) that you may have. We wish you all the best and look forward to meet you at some of the seminars.


January 2016

Beginners couse


'How To Release Anxiety and Stress into Inner Space'.


February 12th, 2017, Crundale community hall, Haverfordwest.


All are welcome, young, senior citizens, fit or unfit. Concessions for unemployed, part-timers and those on basic government pensions.


Contact: Len on Sue Murfin on 01437 710384 to book.



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Our Society has published in year 2003 the book Master series , volume 1. More details here.