What is chi-kung

Chi-kung means "energy work" or "energy skill". The origins of Chi-Kung (or Qigong - as it is sometimes spelt) go back more than 5000 yrs. Some early Chinese systems originate from Masters who developed their style from watching animals such the deer, bears, monkeys and cranes. These were developed into health exercises and some into martial arts such as "Drunken Monkey".

An early example of this is the five animal system which became very famous. The students followed the movements of the animals in order to balance themselves developing their various qualities. Most styles were created to combat local environmental conditions that were causing illnesses from, for instance, dampness and cold.

Eventually, over the centuries, many different systems emerged. Therefore, because of the very different health, environment, life-styles, physical attributes and culture in the west, it is difficult for them to foster the same results in the modern world.

This is why the Eagle in the Nest system was developed.

What are the General Benefits of practising Chi-Kung?

The benefits are, better health, longevity, enlightenment and strong vital energy. These have as their theoretical basis, Chinese medicine, Taoist Yoga, Buddhist Philosophy and Martial Arts.



Strong vital energy

a special trainning withing the Eagle in the Nest Chi-Kung style is aimed at development of so-called Empty Force, which allows martial arts adepts to influance objects of the outter world without actually touching them, solely by the power of their energy (chi). Development of the Empty Force is a by product of Eagle in the Nest Chi-Kung when practised along with a martial art.

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Eagle in the Nest
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Eagle in the Nest - Foundation level

Our Society has published in year 2003 the book Master series , volume 1. More details here.